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(class d20)

Arabian Sorcerer <table> <valign="top"><width="48%">

<p> Base Attack Bonus: As Wizard
Saving Throws: As Wizard
Alignment: Any
Hit Die: d4


<p> Skills:
Class skills are as follows: Alchemy (Int), Concentration (Con), Craft (Int), Knowledge (any topic) (Int), Profession (Wis), Scry (Int, exclusive skill), Spellcraft (Int) and Disguise (Cha). </p>

<p> Skill Point at 1st Level (2 + Int modifier) X 4
Skill Points after 1st: 2 + Int modifier </p>

<p> Weapon and Armor Proficiency: Sorcerer's are Proficient in club, dagger, jambiya, heavy crossbow, light crossbow and quarterstaff. Wizards are not proficient with any type of armor or shields. Armor check penalties apply for all armor heavier than leather. Swim checks suffer a -1 penalty for every 5 pounds of armor and equipment. For every AC a character has above +3 due to armor/shields, the character suffers a -1 penalty to attack rolls, skill checks and ability checks. </p>

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<p> Spells: A Sorcerer's spell progression is as a wizard. They must keep a spellbook. A Sorcerer must pick two of four elemental provinces. The elemental provinces are fire, sand, sea and wind. A Sorcerer may learn spells from his two chosen provinces and the universal province. When learning spells from his two chosen provinces, the Sorcerer gains a +2 bonus to his Spellcraft check. A Sorcerer may not learn or use spells from the two provinces that he hadn't chosen. A Sorcerer may memorize one extra spell per spell level. This extra spell must be within the Sorcerer's two chosen elemental provinces. In all other ways, the Sorcerer learns and casts spells as a wizard. </p>

<p> Bonus Languages: As a Wizard
Familiar: As a Wizard
Scribe Scroll: As a Wizard
Bonus Feats: As a Wizard
Spellbooks: As a Wizard
Spell Mastery: As a Wizard </p> </td></tr> </table>