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The New Arabian Adventure

This volume is intended as a supplement to the Dungeons & Dragons? 3rd Edition Players? Handbook, and the 2nd Edition Al-Qadim rulebook ?Arabian Adventures? (see Bibliography p.72), both of which are required sourcebooks for any Dungeons & Dragons Arabian campaign or adventure. </p><p> The contents of this volume are conversions of a selection of the rules from the aforementioned Al-Qadim tome, and general information garnered from other (primarily Internet) sources. </p><p> Entries in this volume are intended to be applicable to any Arabian style Campaign setting (Al-Qadim/Zakhara, The Islands or otherwise), allowing this volume to be issued to your players verbatim. </p><p> Items specific to the author?s ?New Arabian Adventure? ? now known as ?The Islands? Campaign, are detailed in a companion volume ?The Tome of The Islands? (see Bibliography). </p><p> I hope the Hand of Fate guides you well as you read this manual, may your players find their fates, and fulfill their destinies. </p><p> <i>sevarian (18.Jan.2001)</i> </p><p> Version 7.1 As always, time defeats me, and updates to this volume are few, but considered. Additions from fellow Al-Qadim enthusiasts are always welcomed for inclusion and my own thoughts and work too. </p><p> Although incrementally 7.0-7.1 does not seem like much of a change, this volume includes some significant updates. </p><p> Firstly several new classes from a new contributor Daniel in Brazil (we now almost have a full complement ? anyone fancy working up their version of the Matrud). The Arabian Sorcerer changes it?s name to the Saher, firstly to bring this tome closer to a similar Netbook published by ? and to cause less confusion with the Western 3e Sorcerer class. </p><p> A revised Wizard?s Spell list, some corrections, omissions, and again a move to be more closely compatible with the 3e rule-book at ? </p><p> New monsters proffered by Vincent will have to wait for the next release however, as always time has defeated me. </p><p> Also some of the layout has been changed, allowing you to more easily produce pages as player handouts, or extracts. This does however mean more blank space and extra pages, but I hope it also makes the book more adaptable and in the end more useful. </p><p> <i>sevarian (18.April.2002)</i>

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