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Fall of Empire

Many moons have passed by, and too many seasons to be reckoned, since the land lay at peace. At that time all of the land, both near and far, fell under the hand of the last Emperor, Varren Salema - the peacebringer. </p><p> He ruled over all the cities with a fair and firm hand, and the people respected him, indeed they loved him. But like many men he had a weakness, he loved his two sons dearly, the Princes Erin and Kaska. </p><p> As his days drew to a close, he knew he must choose which of his beloved sons was to be his heir, but he could not choose, nor would he, for he did not believe that either of his sons was yet fit to rule. He feared that whichever son he choose, the other would disavow the choice, the Empire would be torn apart. </p><p> Instead, as his breath grew weaker, and his sight grew dim, he declared that the Empire would be left in the hands of his trusted advisor the Grand Vizier Kamedden. Until Kamedden could make the choice of which of his sons truly deserved their inheritance. </p><p> The people applauded Varren's decision, the Vizier was himself respected, his thoughts known to be wise, they knew if anyone would make the right decision for a future Emperor, Kamedden would make the right choice, with due care and forethought. </p><p> But the Princes did not prove their worth to the Regent Vizier, although they each repeatedly petitioned the Vizier to make his choice, neither could sway Kamedden into handing the Empire over to them. </p><p> Time passed, and even after twenty years the Regent could find no reason to decide. The Princes grew restless, and they began to wonder if the Vizier would ever make his decision. </p><p> It is unsure which of the Princes took the next step, but for sure it was one of them that sent that first assassin. The Vizier, however, was no fool, and the assassination attempt failed. But the attack upon the Regent's life sparked a fervour between the Princes, each naming the other as a traitor. </p><p> But the pattern was set, and it is thought that thereafter both Princes sent assassin after assassin, trying to end Kamedden's rule. </p><p> No matter how prepared, no-one, not even a great Mage such as Kamedden can stand forever against a relentless tide, and so eventually one of the assassins succeeded where all the others failed. </p><p> Without the Vizier, both Princes claimed the throne, disparaging the claims of his brother, dividing public opinion, dividing the land, setting City against City as each choose sides. </p><p> There it ended, and there it began, there have been no more Emperors, and we have seen bloodshed and sorrow across the sands ever since. </p><p> With the passing phases of the moon, the Princes have all but been forgotten, but we remember Varren Salema, and Vizier Kamedden. Especially we remember the Vizier's last words... <UL>&quot; Here dies the legacy of Empire, the Cities shall no more know peace until Dassa come; no-one will honor him, but all shall follow, and the people will call him King.&quot; </UL> </p><p> We wait for Dassa to restore the peace of the Empire, we wait for the King.